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 Not All Fun and Games, or is it: Anime Detour Rules

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Not All Fun and Games, or is it: Anime Detour Rules Empty
PostSubject: Not All Fun and Games, or is it: Anime Detour Rules   Not All Fun and Games, or is it: Anime Detour Rules EmptyFri Feb 16, 2007 10:34 pm

So it Shall be Written: RULES!
Any violation of any rule may result in revoking your badge and a gentlemen of a security team escorting you outside the con!

General Rules
    SUPRISE: It's still Illegal! If its not legal outside the con, its not legal inside the con. Follow all Federal, State and local Laws, ordinances and curfews.

    Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated: no fighting, harrassment of any kind, property damage, stealing, rough housing, cause of injury or harm to anyone or yourself will not be tolerated.

    No teen drama: if you get in any sort of teen drama situation please dont bring it to the attention of the anime detour staff or club leaders/

    No sleeping in public areas: this rule is from the hotel and fire marshal.

    No underage/illegal consumption: please obey all laws on consumption weither it be alcohol, cigs, or porn, please leave it at home and away from the con.

    No Clogging the Halls: You love the wall, the wall loves you, HUG IT. Make this fun and easy for people to walk the halls without having to fight there way through, specially if they have large props.

    Respect all: staff, security, and volunteers. they are congoers just like you.

    Keep your badge: you need this with you whenever you enter a con area. anyone may wonder the halls of the hotel without a badge however they are not allowed in any programing rooms, dealer room, or consuite.

    Report all Violations to staff or security: we dont want rule breakers ruining the con and running a muck.

    Report emergencies to the nearest staff member and call 911 incase of a serious emergency.

    Listen to all: guests, staff, volunteers and security.

Hotel Rules
    yes the hotel has rules too and we want to keep relations with them good.

    No sleeping in public areas: rooms are their primary source of income, if you are caught sleeping you will be asked to go to your room or stay away.

    Smoke only in permited areas: your smokers room or outside.

    Postings Signs: No posting signs in elevators, on wood surfaces (doors are an acception), or glass. Only use masking tape when posting signs.

    No Pets: working animals are an exception.

    No Solicitation: you may only sell things if you are a dealer or an artist in your designated spot. You may not sell actions, love, hugs, food or any service in exchange for money, food, or any other item.

    Keep it down: some people want to sleep at night or are getting over killer hang overs at 8am saturday XD

Costume Rules
    Respect all attendees.

    Keep all costumes up to a PG-13 level

    No costume is just that: No Nudity

    No Sharp objects on costumes

    Photos must be done outside the flow of traffic

    All weapons must be: peasebound, holstered, or marked, No ammo is allowed.

    If you have weapons questions: consult security

    If you have costume questions: consult cosplay staff.

Game Rules
    Take care of your own property.

    Clean up after yourself.

    No food or beverages.

    No adult themed games or language.

    Table space goes to priority of scheduled events.

    Fell free to use open tables for gaming.

Video Room Rules
    No sleeping, eating or drinking in video room

    Turn off cell phones/electronics

    No talking during any programs

    Have photo ID available if asked to verify age.

    Do not leave children unattended

    Do not block the aisles.

    Do not bring large props (keep in car or room)

    Follow all attending personnel instruction.

Club Rules
[list]We dont want to find out about what you did: we may know what you did, we dont care what you did but we dont want to find out about what you did!

Drink atleast 1 bottle of water (16floz) a day; keep hydrated. Pop does not hydrate.

Eat something: eat a muffin/dounut in the morning and go out for lunch on saturday, other then that enjoy all the free rice you could want.

Obey all rules, staff, leaders, volunteers and security... cause we said so!

Any violation of rules resolting in but not limited to; nasty letters, parents phone calls, you being escorted out of detour, banned from detour, arrested, in the hospital and ect..., will resolt in a suspection or us revoking your membership in the club temp or even in a harsh case, perm.

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Not All Fun and Games, or is it: Anime Detour Rules
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