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 08 Detour Kingdom Hearts 2

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08 Detour Kingdom Hearts 2 Empty
PostSubject: 08 Detour Kingdom Hearts 2   08 Detour Kingdom Hearts 2 EmptyTue Apr 03, 2007 5:28 pm

Okay, I'm hoping that I can get a few people to do Kingdom Hearts cosplays, and if not for AD, then for just a photoshoot.

I only want the group from Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts 2, so here we go:

Roxas- Alayna

Namine- Angel



Olette- Kelly

If we don't get these three, it will just be me and would be weird without a whole group. If you want help or advice with a costume, ask <3

**My photobucket**

~My DA~

AD09 cosplays:

Tron (Space Paranoids) Sora [KHII]: --
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08 Detour Kingdom Hearts 2
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