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 Cosplay Resources/ Help Thread

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Cosplay Resources/ Help Thread Empty
PostSubject: Cosplay Resources/ Help Thread   Cosplay Resources/ Help Thread EmptySun May 27, 2007 9:58 pm

Feel free to add links and ask questions!! This summer will be awesome *le sigh*


Cosplay Resources 1
Tutorial List
Cosplay Wiki (larger)
Cosplay Resources 2
Knowledge Hound

Base wigs
Putting on a wig

Resin Casting
Jewel Making
Orginization XIII beads
Fingerless gloves
Japanese flower
Beaded crown tutorial w/ translation
Yuna’s Hair Tail
Pointy Hats

Sewing products (hard to find things like teflon foots)
Hakama pattern (you have to buy it...)
Vinly (<-- They send you samples!! <3)
Fabric (leather) (<-- Freaking SLOW website…)
Giant blank fan= <3 (<-- These are amazing!)

Threads/ Websites/ Photos
GothicAi--has tutorials
Kimono Encylopedia
Kimono website (has tutorials and information) (<-- Awesome website)
Ultima Keyblade
Yuna's staff
What The

My Tutorials
Unlined Kimono
Obi Board
Temari fan (from scratch)

Other/ Unsorted/ Randomness
Tips to be a sucessful Costumer

(More coming soon)
*Have an escape route-- What could be worse than not having a convient way to get into and out of your costume in emergencies...

*Be careful when chosing-- Not only your character, but your products too. Halloween wigs are crap, and certain materials might look different on humans than they do on your tv.

*Remember your budget-- If you want a costume to be realistic, it might take more money than you had expected to spend. Some people spend thousands of dollars on a single costume.





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Cosplay Resources/ Help Thread
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