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 Anime Picnic

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Anime Picnic Empty
PostSubject: Anime Picnic   Anime Picnic EmptySun Jun 10, 2007 6:29 pm

Anime Picnic Pbucket

Ready for some Sun and Anime!?
July 14th 2007
2 pm ( that’s afternoon people)
Como Park South Picnic area ( Lexington and Horton)
Saint Paul, Minnesota.

This picnic will have Cosplay , Contest, Games and Prizes.. Provided by me! Because I am great.. And have spend a great deal of money so far… know how you can repay me!?
Bring some great food! This picnic is also potluck ( potluck = bring something to share… otherwise it’s grass for you.. :nod: )

Some things we ask of you to bring.!
Blanket - for you to sit on.. XD
Some Thing to share with everyone else ( having a Strawberries are better than sharing a stick of pocky! >.>)
Water to drink ( just incase I run out)

There will be a Big White Tent and Banner, just incase you can't find us..
I will also put some sighs on the street.
If you have Questions pm me I will try to help you.

And if you need directions + Mapquest+ can hook you up.

Note to Cosplayers- Remenber it is going to be the middle of July, wearing a wool suit isn’t the best idea! So before you pick which cosplay you’re gonna wear don’t forget the weather!

Also Note about the Weather- If it rains that weekend. We will have the picnic the following week the 21st of July. And if it is over 100degrees the picnic will also be on the following week. Since Como doesn’t have much of a shaded area I am bringing a tent and ice water so we can battle the heat! ( I wanted to have this sooner… but people have things planned already)
Ok now for some Events!
So Far I have a couple of Contest and Games in mind. I will give away Prizes for the winners.

1 minute Cosplay
We will break into Teams of 2 , Blue team and Red team. First We will name a theme for your inspiration ( kung foo fighter , or Magical girl) a anime themed character.
You will then be sent behind the curtains, and have 1 minutia to come up with the best cosplay outfit! ( which the crowd will judge by applauding .
Rules of this game.

1. Each Member of your cosplay Team must be model at least once.
2. Your teammates may help you dress, but not before I start the clock
3. No Full Nudity ! ( idk why you would get naked in a park anyways but whatever) no reason to take your clothes off you can simply but the costume over them~

Ninja / Pirate scavenger hunts You will break into 2 equal teams, and have a 15 min time limit. You will pick a group leader and I will give them a map , and a list of what you are suppose to collect. One will be ninja themed and the other pirate. At the end of 15 mins which ever team has the most items wins!

Piñata ( which will cost 1$ to join in the fun)
I have decied to dress this Piñata idea up a bit. For you one dollar you will recive a random number from a hat. This number will deicide your weapon. Ranging from a bat , paper fan . plastic pipe , and a Stick.
you will then get 3 swings at the little rat and some of the swag once he has been defeted! Once the Piñata has paid for itself ( about 25 people =25$) I will start holding the money for the person who breaks the Piñata . hoooray

Cosplay Duck, Duck, Grey Duck or... Naruto..

This event is for Cosplayers only! For those brave souls who battle the summer sun just to look cool! XD . For this game you must know the character's name before tapping their head.I will give prizes to the final 3.
If you have some Ideas of some Games to play pm me , I would love to hear them!

+Potluck Info+
List of What people are bringing to the potluck!
+ Eboshi- ice water , paper plates , chopsticks , trash bags , Other Great Things~
+Reo_Honoyuki - Cookies
+Shoko86 - Brownies
+Spiral Out - Sushi!!!
+Teh Comment Kitten - More Yummy Cookies
+Rhythmellon -Super Surprise!!!
+Sylus -special k bars or fudge
+Manas -Cookies
+Menne- sloppy joes.. !! ( hooray LOVE HER!)
+justingunshin - surprise = not dogfood!
+ MistressImaire - Soda pop ( love her too!!)
+My Melancholy- oriental salad, Strawberries
+~4 ever gone~ - kool-aid and cristal light,Random Salad and fruit ( yummy... random...)

Nice Recipes for pot luck , if you need a idea~

I will also be giving out invites to join me at the Japanese table~ which will be a traditional( as traditional can I can get :XD ) japanese eating and plate setting. will also serve Japanese food there ! ( invite = kick **** )

I will be giving these out through pm for people who go above and beyond! Some ways you can do that -

Bring something great to eat!
Help with setup - for more info pm me
Win a contest or game
Help me “spread the word “ XD
post at school , or Japanese club
Donate something for 1 minute Cosplay~+
^^ wigs , dressed old cosplay stuff

**My photobucket**

~My DA~

AD09 cosplays:

Tron (Space Paranoids) Sora [KHII]: --
Tier 6 Warlock [WoW]: --
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Anime Picnic
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