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Akatsuki (Staff) Member

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PostSubject: rawry!   rawry! EmptySat Jun 23, 2007 12:05 am

okay, i just wanted to post whats goin on in my life right now, because Mary asked me earlier on myspace and i figured i'd just post it here. =)

So, my dad's been lying to my mom for the past few years about chewing tobacco and smoking weed.

So, after a few times, he's finally moved in with his parents. Then he met Nicole online.

His new girlfriend.

He ran up a huge cell bill and my mom had to pay it. She wants them to pay it back. But of course, my dad never has any money. Yet he lives in a new townhouse and their going to buy a new car....Oh joy. Happy freaking family,right?

I have barely spent anytime with him, because i feel really angry about it.

And my mom works alot, so i rarely see her anymore, and when she is home she is in her room with her boyfriend.

So, she can barely afford the house, even with my uncle living here and paying rent. We may have to move into a two bedroom apartment, and i may have to share a room with my sister.

no. i will have to share a room.

which means like i'd have to get rid of most of my crap. lol. which kinda sucks, you know?

and i feel like i'm running my mom ragged, from soccer to work and yada yada yada. I haven't taken anymore behind the wheel because everyone's been too busy to take me, or i have been too busy. now i'm in a cast so ican't drive.

and not to mention, i've only hung out with hobo, amber and micah...the first two only once, so i feel like i'm missing alot, alot of people. So that kinda depresses me know? During school i saw so many people, now i feel isolated. n'stuff...

so, thats how my summer has been going.

=) four hours in the ER on fathers day without painkillers sucked. xD

so. yeah.

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