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 New Anime Con 2: Geek.Kon

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New Anime Con 2: Geek.Kon Empty
PostSubject: New Anime Con 2: Geek.Kon   New Anime Con 2: Geek.Kon EmptyTue Jul 10, 2007 4:37 pm

Offical Website

This is a brand new con coming to Madison Wisconsin. It is a two day convention that will take place the 6th and 7th of this October.

Registration is free, but you should do it anyways here

Now, for driving details.

Map 1
Map 2

The drive to Madison is roughly 4 & 1/2 hours and about 280 miles. I will talk to my mom about it, but ONLY if people are willing to pay for gas. I don't want my mom to pay for the gas either way, so unless you are willing, don't ask to come. Our Tahoe can hold 3 extra people, but Angel and Kelly get dibs if they want to come...though I don't think either of them could pay for the gas...and we'd only go for one day, so choose...

So if you seriously want to come with us, or you are willing to carpool, just tell me and I'll make a list or yeah! Now some con details:

Our events list is in progress. more info shortly!

Anime Viewing
SciFi Viewing
Artist Alley & Art Show
Board Games
Costume Masquerade
DDR/Guitar Hero
Mixer (Music and possibly dancing)
Video Gaming
Warhammer (Miniatures)

NOTE: The LAN Games event has been canceled due to lack of staff. We apologize profusely and ask that you not hit us too hard.

Humanities building, 455 N. Park St.
Madison, wi

Geek.Kon will be located in the Humanities building of the UW Madison.

**My photobucket**

~My DA~

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New Anime Con 2: Geek.Kon
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