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 CHS Commission: Spenser

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CHS Commission: Spenser Empty
PostSubject: CHS Commission: Spenser   CHS Commission: Spenser EmptyTue Aug 28, 2007 4:06 pm

Hey y'all,

you might have heard some clunking noises in the anime club room towards the end of the year last year, it was my Geta.

Speaking of which i'm doing commissions for Geta.

Now you're thinking what the F*** is he talking about. Hokay you know Urahara from Bleach, Mugen from Samurai Champloo, and Jiriya from Naruto? Have you seen what they have on their feet? Those are Geta, Wooden sandals.

My Geta are made from pine, it's fairly light and sturdy and comes really cheap.

order form? Sure!

here you go:

Base price
: $10 U.S. (covers wood, screws, the strap, Ect.)

Stain (y/n): depending on how expensive or color the price will vary personally mine aren't stained because i like the natural look of pine.

Type of strap: this price also varies depending on type of cloth. be sure the cloth you choose is not stretchy. Fleece is a very bad idea.

Date needed by: the shorter the time frame the more expensive it may be

foot length and width
: NOT SHOE SIZE!!! i do not own every size of shoe and everybody's foot is different so each order will be unique to it's owner.

Personalization: name? Quote? it's free.

ok now that you know how to order i will give you this warning.

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY YOU MAY RECEIVE BY WEARING THESE SHOES. meaning if you fall and break an arm or a leg, break somebodies toe by stepping on them, Ect. that's your problem once i give you these shoes they are no longer my responsibility. But if you happen to get a splinter from them feel free to bring them back for a quick sanding to smooth it out.

i think that's it!

please do not pester me while i have your order it gets very annoying having to listen to "Are they Done Yet?" fifty times a week.

so you know where your order stands:

Waiting/Progress list:


[order form notes:
red categories indicate price altering contitions
blue categories are specifications that do not affect price}
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CHS Commission: Spenser
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