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 Giant fan!

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Giant fan! Empty
PostSubject: Giant fan!   Giant fan! EmptySat Nov 15, 2008 2:46 pm

Temari Fan (from scratch)


* Wood (This is general, I actually bought trim from a hardware store. My pieces were 18 feet long to begin with, and I used wider trim for the outside 2 pieces.)
* Fabric (I bought 3 & 1/2 yards of heavy white canvas)
* Paint (Just black paint...)
* Fabric Glue (about 2 bottles)
* 1 long screw
* A couple of old paint brushes


1.) Okay, first we bought the wood. I bought 18 foot wood trim, and cut it in 1/2 at the store. I used 4 pieces, but I think Temari's fan has more. I used an additional piece of wider trim for the outermost 2 pieces.

2.) Now, what I did was sanded them all down, and rounded the corners.

3.) I had my dad do this for me, so I don't know exactly what we did, but he used something to drill a hole in the wood, and then we put the screw through (this is a screw that was not should we call it a bolt?...) and used it to hold the fan shut. Don't leave it like this.

4.) I painted all the pieces black, and when they dried, I hooked them together (like poorly explained above)

What I had so far was this:

Giant fan!

The pen was in that picture to show how huge it was, and it was temporarily tied together so I could play around with it a little.

5.) For this step, I laid the fan out, and set the (canvas) fabric over it. I drew the shape of the fan on the fabric, took it off and cut it.

6.) To glue the fabric on, I carefully laid the fan out, making sure each of the "spokes" were even width apart, then I used the crappy paint brushes to put the fabric glue on, and lay the fabric down as I went.

Ta-da! This is a lot easier than it sounds. For Temari's Fan, obviously you would just paint purple circles on!

(Sorry for not having more pics).

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Giant fan!
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