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 AA recruit.

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AA recruit. Empty
PostSubject: AA recruit.   AA recruit. EmptyThu Dec 11, 2008 7:33 pm

Lala, for some reason I'm feeling a little post-whoreish today. Like the good-ol' days.

Anywho, as some of you know me and Angel are pretty serious in sewing, and are probably going to have an AA table sometime in the future (not AD09, but probably at another, later con) and I'm looking for someone that can seriously design or sew.

Detour has a sad lack of Lolita stuff, and that's probably where me and Angel will place our interests, along with Cyber Goth/ Cyber Geisha. (Cyber fashion, Lolita fashion)

Now what I'm asking for is someone who can design accessories, or designs (like patterns) for Cyber and Lolita accessories. Anything from headbands to 100% unique jewelery designs (yes, I can make jewelery).

If you are interested in sewing with us also, that would be awesome, but the cost for everything would be split the same as the profits (so if I bought 90% of the stuff, I'd take that much of the profits). Etc.

As for designs, I would love to see anything that people have in mind. Our store is just in it's design phases, and we'll have to see where it goes, but we've been planning and toying with the idea for a while know. Any design that we would use would get 15-25% of the profits on that item.

I'd love designs for just about anything, but mostly:
-Lolita head wear
-Neo kimonos (new kimono designs, like kimono dresses, etc) (Ex)
-Asian patterns/ designs
-Cyber accessories
-Hat designs (Like kitty hats, etc)
-Corsets (especially under the bust)
-Lolita accessories (neck corsets, wrist bands, garters, etc)

-I'm also looking for one serious design of a kimono outfit. It could be a mini kimono, kimono gown, something, as long as it has a corset. I would make ONE, and have it for sale at AD.

I'll add my designs and reference pics eventually.

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AA recruit.
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