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PostSubject: KITTY HAT!   KITTY HAT! EmptyMon Feb 09, 2009 4:36 pm

This tutorial is NOT MINE! (right click -> view image if they are too small).

Original ([x])

This is my first post here although, like many others I've been lurking for a while ;3
Last year I was inspired by all the cute fleece hats that seemed to be popping up in the internet so I made my own!

KITTY HAT! Kittyhat1xm7

That was the result, I wear it around the house alot but so far I've chickend out wearing it outside...>.>""
So that was last year
and a few weeks ago some friends our family had a baby, and I offered to make a hat ^^ It's a girl obviously and I think the hat turned out really cute!

KITTY HAT! Bbhat1xi5

KITTY HAT! Bbhat2zh7

It's lined, made from pink and white Polar Fleece with felt appliqued face and hearts, what do you think? :3

I'm sorry the fotos are not so camera doesn't seem to like taking close ups ;___;

I'm sorry it took so long, but I finally made a tutorial (it's a bit big sorry!)! I hope it's readable and understandable, if something isn't clear just ask! ^^ I've also got a picture of the baby wearing the hat ( it fitted perfectly <3 ) so I'll have to try to scan that soon!
Have fun with the tutorial and please post your results if you should use it! <3

KITTY HAT! Kittyhattutorialyg4

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