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 Anime Suggestions (for club)

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PostSubject: Anime Suggestions (for club)   Anime Suggestions (for club) EmptyMon Feb 16, 2009 8:59 pm

Um yeah, sorry to make yet another forum topic but I noticed the one on the subject I would have liked to comment on was sorta... limited.

Anyway... I wanted to make a place where members and the like could make suggestions on what anime they wanted to watch in club (including myself) and in which format (since, sorry Alayna and no offense I was just curious I swear!!! and asked if the club members would mind if subs were shown and they didn't mind as long as it was with the projector) so that the leaders can have a good idea ahead of time about what type of anime they'd like to show, what to avoid, and possibly to gain some new ideas. I know I've been asking Bryce(spelling?) what he thinks is good and he's got some great ideas.

So this is what I like (anything with a + sign I own or have access to):

+ Shana (or Shakugan no Shana)
+ Tokyo Majin (or Tokyo Majin Kenpucho: Tou) w/ subs
+ Paprika (no preference on subs or dubs)
+ Kodocha (don't know if this will work though...)
+ Ouran (duh) w/ subs (curse you Vic!!!)
+ Kyo Kara Maoh!?
- Shikabane Hime (subs only)
- Jyu-Oh-Sei (could be cool and since I've only seen it in subs... that speaks for itself)
- RomeoXJuliet (Funimation's doing it so I don't even WANT to give the dub a chance...)
+ Hell Girl
+ XXXHolic
+ Excel Saga (I don't know if it would be appropriate and I wouldn't mind watching either sub or dub)
+ Mai-Hime
+ .Hack//Sign
+ School Rumble (only certain episodes)
- Kekkaishi (subs only)
- Tokimeki Memmorial ~only love~ (<- somebody please watch this and tell me if this would work. I think it would be funny but whatever...)
- Soul Eater w/ subs only (I want to show this indefinitely and, hopefully, Betsy will read this cause I want to ask you/her to download this and burn it to a disk if its possible. My main computer has been acting up and my laptop doesn't like flashdrives unless it's just a quick save and get out. I can provide the disk if necessary.)

And then of course, the Oldies (stuff shown on Adult Swim way-back-when ~ please don't make fun of my suggestions; I like just about everything with still plenty of exceptions)

+ Witch Hunter Robin
+ Cowboy Bebop

Also, I'd like to mark down the stuff I'd like to see but I'll save that for another post (hopefully).
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Akatsuki (Staff) Member

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PostSubject: Re: Anime Suggestions (for club)   Anime Suggestions (for club) EmptyWed Feb 18, 2009 11:42 pm

Good plan, I loved WHR. Sleep now, post later.

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Anime Suggestions (for club)
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