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Mangekyo Eye
Mangekyo Eye

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptySun Nov 12, 2006 11:48 pm

Ok we have also been having a problem with the forum so i will list out a bunch of rules now to keep the forum going and healthy. Because this is a continuation of the club just no longer in a class room setting. Any breaking of the rules will result in the post being deleted or in a serrious manner your user will be temp banned for a time considered reasonable. In a serrious matter, admins reserve the rights to perm. ban any member for a given reason. This will not happen unless the member becomes a serrious problem. We also reserve the right to ban IP adresses.

1. No spamming will be tolerated. Anyone who spams will have their post deleted because we are getting so many new people on the forum. Spamming in definition is defined but not limited to: Double Posting, Posts Not In Relation With Topic, Posts Under 3 Sentences Long, A Meaningless Posts, and Anything That Takes Up Un-Needed Space
a) a topic may get off topic like comparing anime, like FLCL to Lupin and members will be allowed to go to Lupin on a topic until an Admin steps in. After the admin post, all post after the Admins must be back on the original topic.

2. No Profanity will be allowed on this forum. Profanity is defined by the Admins as but not limited to: Any foul language, Anything that can be found offensive to a member, anything related to Drugs(including tobaco) or the consumption of Alcohol. This is a school related forum, keep those comments off this site, they will be Pruned right away. If a topic becomes a problem we will lock that topic and even the forum catagorie in a serrious case for extensive pruning. If problems with profanity continues, Admins reserve the right to allow censorship on the forum.

3. All pictures must be apropriate (17 and under). Any picture showing any sexual act, gang affiliation, against a religion, any nudity, excessive violance, and any other pictures that could be inapropriate in a classroom setting, we will not enforce this rule serriously until it is a problem. Keep all pictures 400x400 at max, and all banners 100 x 200.

4. Flamming will not be allowed in any form, nicknames are fine until it become a problem to the member. Do not insult any member in any member, if it continues we will ban your User name.


Okay, cause things might be different for the chat box (i don't know if our swear word censors work there) there are some new rules for it

1. NO SWEARING!! i don't know if we [the admins] will be able to catch it, but if we do, it earns you an automatic ban [it will be temoprary] unless done repeatedly [untill i figure out how to ban, it's just a warning]
2. Keep everything PG-RATED OR UNDER!! The chat box should be kept completely clean!
3. Be respectful! this also goes for everything else, including the forums!

on a seperate note, to keep admins in line we will also be enforcing these rules on admins. Please note that any statements made are opinions of that member or admin and do not necesarly reflect the opinions of the club. We have 4 admins, our forces will be checked constantly. If you have a problem with any member/admin or notice someone breaking a rule please PM me with the problem, i will not state who PMed me but will state that there is a problem.


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Akatsuki (Staff) Member
Akatsuki (Staff) Member

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Nickname : Inner Sakura, Kaykuyo
Real Name : Nikki
Registration date : 2006-08-21

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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules EmptyWed Nov 29, 2006 11:23 pm

This is a big note on the spamming:

We've been getting alot of threads; alot of uberly pointless threads. These are annoying. If you are going to post, Please make sure you are posting in the right forum, and please make sure your post is WORTH READING!!!

If it isn't WORTH READING!!! it should and probably WILL be deleted.
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Forum Rules
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