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PostSubject: CLUB RULE!   CLUB RULE! EmptyTue Nov 21, 2006 9:27 pm

If you want your Username changed please PM Honey!

Rules for Anime Club

Rules for all members:
1. You will not touch the teacherís property.
a. This includes drawing on the boards, unless granted other permission from teacher directly.

2. You will respect the teacher.

3. You will be in the anime club room at 3:15PM!!

4. Be respectful and reasonable.
a. No shouting, use indoor voices.
b. No profanity.
c. No adolescent behavior.
d. No removing of clothing.
e. No threats or violence.
f. No running.
g. When one person is talking you should be quiet.

5. You must register on the forum if you are a member of anime club.
a. It is not required that you post here

6. No non anime related materials; make your own club for what ever isn't otaku related. (Ie: Magic)

7. When you cosplay do not break the CHS student dress code
Any violation of the past rules can result in an suspension by the leaders. If violations of these rules persist then expulsion may be considered.
The violation of the following rules will result in automatic permanent expulsion from anime club (Note: In these cases the school will be notified).

8. Racial or hateful slurs at anime club are not allowed.

9. Sexual harassment in any form is not allowed.

Rules, duties, and powers of anime club leader members.
1. There may be no more than five leaders.

2. Leaders must declare your own absence from anime club to another leader.

3. You must meet before anime club at the club room after school to discuss:
a. Finding out any problems that need to be confronted.
b. Discussing the upcoming meeting.

4. One leader must be at anime club at all times.
a. If no leader is present then anime club will be canceled.

5. A leader may not leave early unless there is a leader at club who will stay till the end.

6. Leaders have the responsibility find a room for CHS anime club.

7. Leaders must pay, collect, and record dues.

8. Leaders reserve the power of expulsion.

9. Leaders reserve the power of ejection.[b]

10. Leaders must keep a calendar of all events and post them on the forum.

11. Leaders must keep track of all current members and retired members.

12. Leaders reserve the power to name their successor to his/her position.
a. Successor must be announced publicly to the club.
b. Successor must accept the position publicly to anime club.

[b]13. Leader is a position that is held for your high school career.

a. Before the end of his/her high school career the leader must find a successor.
b. If a leader moves away from CHS the leader must find a successor.
c. If for some reason a leader leaves without leaving a successor then the eldest leader must find a successor to full fill the position.
d. If a leader is impeached by the normal members then the eldest leader must find a successor to full fill the position.

14. Leaders may resign from his/her position if he/she has a successor.
a. A leader who resigns from his/her position may not become a leader again ever.

Rules, duties, and powers of anime club non-leader members.
1. Normal members must pay dues.

2. Normal members reserve the power to impeach leaders.

3. Normal members reserve the power to use expulsion.

1. To be a member of CHS anime club you need to full fill these requirements.
a. You must be a student at Centennial High School.
b. You must pay dues to anime club.
c. You must agree to the rule of conduct.

2. Membership transfers from year to year.

3. After graduation a personís membership is retired.
a. Retired members may still visit anime club and do not have to pay dues as they are not members.

Dues--$10 a year or $5 a semester (2 quarters). Talk to one of the leaders if this is a concern.

1. Ejection is being temporarily removed from CHS anime club for bad behavior.

2. Removal last for the next two meetings not including the meeting that you were thrown out of.

3. Only leaders may hold this power.

4. Ejection is carried out like this:
a. First a member is caught breaking any of the rules by a leader. The leader then gives a warning to stop.
b. If the member continues to break the rules then a leader may ask for a vote to eject that member.
c. Ejection is led by vote of the leaders present at CHS anime club when the infraction occurs.
d. An ejection vote is majority wins.
i. If the vote ends in a tie then ejection is dropped.
ii. If a leader did not see the infraction or is confused about what is going on they should vote in favor of the member and not the ejection.

5. If the ejection happens more then three times to a member then the third time he/she is automatically up for Expulsion.

1. Expulsion is the permanent removal from anime club.

2. Expulsion vote is carried out like this:
a. CHS anime club must connive a special meeting to decide whether or not to expel him/her.
b. Anyone in anime club can vote in an Expulsion hearing. Even member who are currently ejected from club.
c. An Expulsion vote is a secret ballet.
d. Before the vote takes place club must choose a member to count the votes.
e. Majority rules in an Expulsion hearing.

1. Impeachment is the permit removal of leader from his/her position of power.

2. An impeachment hearing may be held if on a vote half of the non-club members agree that it is needed to have an impeachment hearing.

3. Impeachment is lead by the non-leaders. Leaders may not vote in an impeachment hearing and they may not interfere with the hearing. However, the leader must be told that he/she is up for impeachment.

4. Impeachment is a secret ballet.

5. Only non-leader members may vote.

6. After the vote a non-member and a leader that is not up for impeachment must count the votes. These two are chosen before the ballet is taken.

7. It takes a 4/5 vote to impeach a leader.

1. A successor must have been a member for a year and must be a regular of anime club.

2. A successor must have gone to anime detour once.

3. A successor must have contributed some way to anime club in the past year.

4. A successor must have some of the following qualities; leadership, organization, otaku knowledge...etc


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