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 Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON!

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Mangekyo Eye
Mangekyo Eye

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Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! Empty
PostSubject: Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON!   Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! EmptyThu Jan 11, 2007 8:34 pm

Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! Detour10

When is PRE-CON?
Pre-con will be held on Tuesday, March 20th (aka the tues before detour)

What is PRE-CON?
PRE-CON is my facy way of saying, Pre Anime Detour. This is a time we take in the club to have some layed back fun, and at the same time prepare you for what you may see, do, or not at Anime Detour 07.

All normal Anime Club rules apply to this meeting, at this time there are no additional rules but this is subject to change as we get closer to date. Anime club leaders do ask a big favor, and that is as follows: If you are not going to anime detour, please do not attend so we can just focus on the people attending anime detour, we have so many more members then last year and so many new people to detour, plus you probly wont fit in that meeting.

AD/Club Rules- yes we will be going over the rules, be quiet during the rules or you will be asked to go out into the hall until we are finished. We as a club will also be enforcing some rules and also the policy of "We may know what your doing, BUT WE dont want to HEAR about it" meaning we dont want staff members/security team/cops/ to tell us what you did.

Anime Jepordy- thats right, the old clasic will be back with prizes, we will see how well rounded of an Otaku you really claim to be. expect Narutard questions to be only worth 100 =P Prize: yet to be determined

Go treat yourself- do's and dont's of anime detour, What you should see and what you shouldnt bother wasting your time on.

(Gaming)DDR- we will be setting up a mini DDR tournament, if you have good mats you can bring, nows a good time to bring them, any other equipment would be loved, we need (2 mats, 1 ps2, and a copy with the most/best songs) this tournament will be set up bracket format so pleast sign up now!.

(Gaming)NARUTARD- face it, most of use are narutards at heart so why not have a PS2 tournament of Naruto Ultimate Ninja? we can fight as our fave characters and who cares if our character gets picked, you can always have the gay colored version too righ? (please bring a copy of Naruto: U.N., 2 controllers, PS2, memory save, and lets get a tv =P)

Cosplay Contest- just to warm you up for detour cosplay that you will be dying to do. Winner wins pocky of corse =P

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Mangekyo Eye
Mangekyo Eye

Number of posts : 477
Age : 31
Nickname : Itachi-kun
Real Name : Micah, Mr Sexy Itachi
Registration date : 2006-08-21

Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! Empty
PostSubject: Anime Detour Rules   Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! EmptyTue Jan 30, 2007 1:14 am

Not All Fun and Games, or is it: Anime Detour Rules will be posted in 3 different sections including; Forum and Club Information, PRE-CON, and Conventions. This is the rule list created by the fine staff of Anime Detour with some modifications by some of our fine leaders.

Hours of Operation!

Convention Hours

Friday 12:00PM - Sunday 6:00PM

Anime Detour is open 24/7 from the times listed above, a room is suggested but is not needed if you want to ride there and back.


Friday 10:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 7:00PM
Sunday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

If you are registered with the group you must pick up your group badge from MrSexyItachi/Micah. You may not obtain your badge any time before i do. In some instances I may give your badge to your team leader.


to be announced still


Consuite is open 24/7

Game Room

Game Room is open 24/7

Movie Screening Room

Movie Screening Room is open 24/7

Programming Schedule
A programming schedule is yet to be released by the fine staff of Anime Detour


Volunteering is a great way to help out the con and make it a fun and smooth enviroment for every con goer. To volunteer please locate the Volunteer bridge and sign up for a Volunteer shift (usually 2 hours). If the Volunteer shift is closed due to hours, locate the operations bridge which is open 24/7.

When you volunteer you get a volunteer slip, make sure you get that slip signed and checked in and out when you volunteer to verify you volunteered during your shift.

So it Shall be Written: RULES!
Any violation of any rule may result in revoking your badge and a gentlemen of a security team escorting you outside the con!

General Rules

SUPRISE: It's still Illegal! If its not legal outside the con, its not legal inside the con. Follow all Federal, State and local Laws, ordinances and curfews.

Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated: no fighting, harrassment of any kind, property damage, stealing, rough housing, cause of injury or harm to anyone or yourself will not be tolerated.

No teen drama: if you get in any sort of teen drama situation please dont bring it to the attention of the anime detour staff or club leaders/

No sleeping in public areas: this rule is from the hotel and fire marshal.

No underage/illegal consumption: please obey all laws on consumption weither it be alcohol, cigs, <insert drug here> or porn, please leave it at home and away from the con.

No Clogging the Halls: You love the wall, the wall loves you, HUG IT. Make this fun and easy for people to walk the halls without having to fight there way through, specially if they have large props.

Respect all: staff, security, and volunteers. they are congoers just like you.

Keep your badge: you need this with you whenever you enter a con area. anyone may wonder the halls of the hotel without a badge however they are not allowed in any programing rooms, dealer room, or consuite.

Report all Violations to staff or security: we dont want rule breakers ruining the con and running a muck.

Report emergencies to the nearest staff member and call 911 incase of a serious emergency.

Listen to all: guests, staff, volunteers and security.

Hotel Rules

yes the hotel has rules too and we want to keep relations with them good.

No sleeping in public areas: rooms are their primary source of income, if you are caught sleeping you will be asked to go to your room or stay away.

Smoke only in permited areas: your smokers room or outside.

Postings Signs: No posting signs in elevators, on wood surfaces (doors are an acception), or glass. Only use masking tape when posting signs.

No Pets: working animals are an exception.

No Solicitation: you may only sell things if you are a dealer or an artist in your designated spot. You may not sell actions, love, hugs, food or any service in exchange for money, food, or any other item.

Keep it down: some people want to sleep at night or are getting over killer hang overs at 8am saturday XD

Costume Rules

Respect all attendees.

Keep all costumes up to a PG-13 level

No costume is just that: No Nudity

No Sharp objects on costumes

Photos must be done outside the flow of traffic

All weapons must be: peasebound, holstered, or marked, No ammo is allowed.

If you have weapons questions: consult security

If you have costume questions: consult cosplay staff.

Game Rules

Take care of your own property.

Clean up after yourself.

No food or beverages.

No adult themed games or language.

Table space goes to priority of scheduled events.

Fell free to use open tables for gaming.

Video Room Rules

No sleeping, eating or drinking in video room

Turn off cell phones/electronics

No talking during any programs

Have photo ID available if asked to verify age.

Do not leave children unattended

Do not block the aisles.

Do not bring large props (keep in car or room)

Follow all attending personnel instruction.

Club Rules
[list]We dont want to find out about what you did: we may know what you did, we dont care what you did but we dont want to find out about what you did!

Drink atleast 1 bottle of water (16floz) a day; keep hydrated. Pop does not hydrate.

Eat something: eat a muffin/dounut in the morning and go out for lunch on saturday, other then that enjoy all the free rice you could want.

Obey all rules, staff, leaders, volunteers and security... cause we said so!

Any violation of rules resolting in but not limited to; nasty letters, parents phone calls, you being escorted out of detour, banned from detour, arrested, in the hospital and ect..., will resolt in a suspection or us revoking your membership in the club temp or even in a harsh case, perm.

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Mangekyo Eye
Mangekyo Eye

Number of posts : 477
Age : 31
Nickname : Itachi-kun
Real Name : Micah, Mr Sexy Itachi
Registration date : 2006-08-21

Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! Empty
PostSubject: Do's and Dont's   Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! EmptyTue Jan 30, 2007 1:18 am

Getting Prepared
It doesn't have to be a 100% fool proof plan (because we'll find a way to break it!), but at least have a rough outline, like Dealer's room, consuite, watch some anime, consuite, get some food, consuite, etc.

You don't wanna waste half of your first day waiting to get a badge, right? Well then get there early! I'd recommend either getting a room (shined upon by the hotel and AD staff), or biding your time over at the MoA. Other hotels in the area can also accept you, but keep in mind you don't get the discount.

You'll find moments where that you really wish you had one to capture them. Don't forget the spare batteries and the charger, and keep it on your body at all times.

The essential first-aid kit of a cosplayer, and you'll probably want to bring even more. Your costume is bound to ruin when you least expect it, so having your survival kit will always come in hand!

Yes, a tad redundant...but still. Coming as a group has many benefits. If you register early, it'll cost less in group, you can more easily rent out Hotel Rooms and also have people to look after you and vice-versa.

Things to do
The more people volunteer, the smoother the ride. You also get a few freebies, and it'll give you some time to rest between the big events. This year (2006) you need 6 hours of volunteer work to get access to the Consuite.

Don't make the mistake of not going, you'll miss a lot. There's some break dancers, people flipping, dancing circles and even some fan fave songs played by our DJ, Nazgule.

On the last day, before the whole shebang ends, there are some spots reserved for next year's con, and it costs not 50, not 30, but 25 dollars! And if you can't get a spot, well you can just go on a quick shopping spree.

You could just go and buy that huge Naruto wall scroll, or that manga volume you've been looking for, could compare prices! That same wall scroll could be half a room away for half the price of the one you were looking at! It can go for manga, DVDs, CDs, even plushies.

Some people last year danced way too much that they passed out. To be on the safe side, if you ever feel over heated, sit out for a couple songs and drink some water.

It's not like that one you had to sit through during freshmen year, but much better. At the specified time, there'll be the opening ceremony. Next to the opener, you'll be told the rules, be shown the special attendees, and be given the overview for first timers.

Sure, at home you probably download music, manga and anime (which you really shouldn't, ya free loading so-and-so), but that does NOT mean that you can do it at the con. Do not distribute licensed materials without consent, or sell bootleg things, or else the consequences will be dire.

For those that don't know what a "mall raid" is, it's when a handful of con-goers trek across the parking lot to go to the MOA and do what they usually do at the mall, but in costume. The best part about is the mall-goers giving you weird looks and asking you questions about what's going on, and you may just promote Anime Detour! But make sure NOT TO BRING YOUR WEAPONS.

Sure, it may be cheap and fairly easy to use, but it tears in an instant and refracts light like a mirror. Besides, costumes should look like normal clothes, not like you're straight out of the cartoon.

Okay, maybe it was a weird way to phrase it, and I'm not sure if others have seen, but there have been some cosplayers being freaked out by random fans through glompage -- not only is it an invasion of personal space, but it might hurt, or even worse, possibly damage the costume and the fan in process! So be sure to ask someone first, no matter what the 'how to glomp' shirt says!

When getting asked to have your picture taken means a lot for both you and the photographer. If the character that you're cosplaying as has a famous stance or pose that he/she/it does, don't be shy and pose!

There's bound to be people from your choice of anime also cosplaying there, and group photos get a nice couple of pics too. You can take them as you go, or go over to the cosplay board on the online forum and request a formation for one, or create one yourself!

Plan for them. Especially if your character does not use a purse, bag, or other such item. Also decreases likelihood of becoming a victim of theft. Have pockets wherever you can fit them: inside of cloaks, in/outside of coats, on pants, wherever. It just helps in general.

There have not been many of a problems with this in the past but DON'T drag your skits out in the cosplay masque. Us anime-lovin' folk have the attention of a small child in a store full of shiney objects. Keep it short and keep it funny.

In Detours past, the lines for the cosplay show streched as far as the eye can see (and wrapped around the interior of the hotel)! If you're one of the first hundred in line, you'll be able to see the show just fine. But if you're one of the last in line...hope you have good eyes...

Some people might see something fluffy, shiny, or well made and feel the urge to reach out and touch it. But please ASK before you touch. Some props can be very fragile and easily broken, and people might not want anyone other than themselves handling their props. Plus it's simply the polite thing to do.

Food and Drink
After awhile, that Mountain Dew and pocket full of snacks will start their way down to your gut, and then it's game over. Play again? It's suggested to pop next door to the mall and at least get some Burger King, or going in to take some dining in town.

Although this may seem like a strange tip, and probably could go under food -- There have been some huge conventions where attendees were actually dehydrated. Plus then you can save some money without having to buy water around. Plus it's also a good idea to have something other than Consuite pop.

If you're renting out a hotel room for the weekend, then I would suggest at least taking a few edible things along with you (donuts, fruit, croissants, etc.). That way you won't have to waste your money on buying something from the Burger King across the street. Plus you might actually get some nutrition out of it.

On the Floor
The minute you get into AD, you'll be overwhelmed with all of the parties, panels, shops, etc. Relax, let yourself wander until you find something that strikes your fancy. Repeat if necessary.

As the days go on, you'll see and find things that you'll just go crazy for, whether they be original art, Manga, Anime, CDs, clothes, wooden bokkens, wall scrolls, memorabilia and a host of others. If you spend it all on the first day, not only will you not have money for anything else eye-catching, but it means you'll have to wait for a another year! $50 is good for spending, and $100+ is more than adequate for your average person. Plus, you can pop around town and get some real food.

YOUR FEET WILL HURT! Wear appropriate shoes! If Cosplaying and your footwear allows it put some gel inserts in there, do it. And make sure to sit down every once in a while.

There's nothing more annoying than having the person walking in front of you's sword whapping at your leg. Remember to mind the sword's placement. Wooden or not, it hurts!

The staff does NOT like it when they have to call for an ambulance, and not to mention the legal ramifications involved when the lawyers come into play.

There is nothing more obnoxious than a person who's drunk at three a.m., staggering about the hallways thinking he's Nabeshin. Plus, there are many under aged kids, and as said before, the cops should be avoided.

*** If you are falling down drunk and/or being a nuisance you WILL be asked to leave. ***

Things like small electronics, cell phones and digicams, etc. can be lost very easily. Be sure to keep everything by your side, or in your room.

There may be a time that you run out of spending money... hopefully that's not ALL of the money that you brought with! Make sure you have money stored away ONLY for emergency (i.e.: food, water, transportation, etc.). It will come in handy when you're in a pinch!

The Thunderbird isn't the biggest place in the world, and what space there is is needed. If you need to take a picture of someone, put yourselves to the side of the hall and take it, or go down stairs into the empty hallways and lobbies.

Don't just plan to take a Marine shower, I mean actually go wash up or jump in the pool, at least go into a bathroom and wash your face. With one or two thousand people there, I'm sure they'd all like to breathe.

Considering that the con is positioned during, or before, most people's Spring Breaks, you should try to get some sleep in between your three before the con starts. That way, you can stay up all night and at least go to work/school on Monday without a sugar hangover, or spend your next week doing nothing with a sugar hangover.

If you've got Asthma, Diabetes, etc. Bring your inhaler, epipen, etc. One year we had someone pass out at the dance, so take it slow, this thing is a whole weekend's affair you know! And it's gonna be cold, this thing is in the middle of March so have a lot of Vitamin C, as we will all be cramped into one space. Spread the love, not the germs!

Please, don't wear one thing all three days. The recommended thing is wearing your cosplay the first day, then either wearing normal clothes or a second costume that you'd rather wasn't entered in the competition, or just a different costume each day!

A problem at the con is people who are below age, going into shows that are rated for 18+. It makes things easier if you watch shows within your age group and if you think you don't look old enough, be sure to keep ID on you, or if you're 18 get an 18+ badge rather than a 18 and Younger one.

First-time con-goers and/or otaku-newcomers may not know what "glomping" is, or it's the first time they heard the word "AMV." If this is the case, check out the Otaku Word List here. The other choice is to ask other people (veteran con-goers, convention staff, etc.).

Please, Ask questions. At the right times, but ask questions. If something isn't answered in this guide, in any program that is given out, or at a panel, ask someone that isn't busy and looks like they're friendly. They'll either point you to the right person or answer your question. While you should keep it short and sweet, they might have an answer for ya that is con related. As for Anime, well... It's just a right place at the right time thing. After seeing a couple episodes of an anime in one of the rooms, between showings ask someone about the show if it's peaked your interest. Heck, after you get some questions answered, buy it at the Dealer's Room!

Especially your badge in this case, since you cannot refund it, and your own items. Anime Detour is NOT responsible for stolen/lost items.
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Mangekyo Eye
Mangekyo Eye

Number of posts : 477
Age : 31
Nickname : Itachi-kun
Real Name : Micah, Mr Sexy Itachi
Registration date : 2006-08-21

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PostSubject: Sign up sheet   Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! EmptyTue Jan 30, 2007 1:22 am

-DDR sign up sheet-
(give us name an the level you normally play)

    Micah- Standard/Heavy
    Alayna- Standard/Heavy
    Mary- Standard
    Nikki- Standard/Heavy
    Angel- Beginer/ Light

-Naruto Ultimate Ninja Sign up-

Prize: Ramen Cup
(give us name and the character you represent)

    Micah- Kyuubi Naruto
    Dylan - Cursed Seal Sasuke
    Mary- Hinata
    Nikki - Sakura

-Cosplay Sign up sheet-

(name, and cosplaying as, and origin)

    Micah Travis- Itachi Uchiha- Naruto,
    more dominant during the timeskip

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PostSubject: Re: Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON!   Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON! Empty

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Anime Detour 2007 - PRE-CON!
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